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Get up to 15% off on Global Airport Concierge

About Global Airport Concierge:

Global Airport Concierge has been offering airport passenger services for over ten years, with an experienced team of aviation and travel professionals dedicated to making travel seamless and stress-free.

Terms & Conditions

Merchant Terms:

Merchant Terms & Conditions:


  • Change to the itinerary, travel date(s), traveler’s name(s) and cancellation, should be made known at least 48 hours (24 hours for United Signature Services (USS)) prior to the service date requested, otherwise an amendment/cancellation surcharge, where applicable may apply. 

Urgent Bookings 

  • New booking requests and amendments (to core details) made within 48 hours prior to the service time will incur a surcharge of 50% of the service total (exception USS). Services are subject to availability which cannot be guaranteed; however, we will do our best to accommodate. Confirmation will be sent when the booking is confirmed. 
  • Additional Hours (> 3 hours) 
  • Should the service exceed the duration of 3 hours; additional labor charges may apply and will vary depending on service location. Please note: Global Airport Concierge is unable to advise charge fees in advance. These charges will be available once the service has been completed; as we cannot determine the potential duration of service in advance, for example, mechanical issues, flight delays, last-minute additional requests etc 

Additional Services 

  • Greeters are unable to and will not carry any pieces of luggage including hand luggage; should you require baggage assistance a baggage porter can be booked. Note that porters are not inclusive and are an additional service to the meet and greet. Fasttrack will be provided where possible, however our greeters will do their best to expedite the process. Please check with the Global Airport Concierge customer service team if this is available in the requested location. If wheelchair assistance is required, we ask that you reach out directly to your airline carrier to confirm this service. Please note greeters are not authorized to push wheelchairs. 

United Signature Service 

  • The United Signature Service in USA includes; United Club lounge access, premier check-in, premier access through security, and group boarding two (excluding international). Please note that if the service exceeds 3 hours and the greeter is present for the duration of the service additional labor charges will apply. 

Connection Services 

  • If a connection service exceeds 5 hours or involves 2 separate flight tickets/airlines OR baggage needs to be re-checked, this would be treated as an arrival + departure service as the passenger needs to perform all arrival formalities (including baggage claim) and then check-in for their departing flight while proceeding with security/passport control. 

Rules and Payment Policies 

  • It is the responsibility of the client to connect with the greeter or driver for services beginning at airports, stations or ports. This is to ensure that the passengers receiving the service connect with the greeter at the meeting point. If you are unable to locate your greeter or driver, it is the passenger’s responsibility to contact our 24/7 customer service team at +1-866-662-4952 or +44- 8000-124-007 for immediate assistance. Should the passenger not contact the Global Airport Concierge customer service team to inform them of any issues that may have occurred this service will not be eligible for a refund. Any refunds issued will take up to ten days to reach your account. For bookings not processed via the website a 3.5% processing fee will be applied. Please note that this fee applies to all charges and is non-refundable. Global Airport Concierge is not responsible for any issues caused by flight delays/weather issues. Consequently, if this affects your travels please advise the Global Airport Concierge customer service team. All feedback should be sent via email to [email protected]. For full terms and conditions please visit our website.

Visa Terms:

Visa terms and conditions:

  • Offer details as shown are based on information provided by the Merchant. No warranties are made by Visa that the information is correct. Please check directly with Merchant to confirm availability and validity of the Offer.
  • The Merchant is the sole provider of all goods and/or services under this offer. Accordingly, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that the procurement by him/her of any goods and/or services under this Offer shall constitute a contract solely between the merchant and him/her, and Visa is not, nor will become, a party thereto.
  • By utilizing or attempting to utilize any of the goods and services under this Offer, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that:
    • Any claim, complaint or dispute of any nature arising out of or in relation to the procurement, or attempted procurement by the cardholder of any goods and/or services under this offer (each a “Claim”) shall be settled by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Merchant, and Visa Cardholder shall not make any Claim against Visa.
    • Without prejudice to the foregoing, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, Visa shall not be liable to any person for any loss, damage, expenses or claim (whether direct or indirect) in relation to any personal injury, death, false representation, damage or omission arising from or in connection with the usage or attempted usage of the Offer or goods and/or services provided under the Offer.