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Get up to 9% off on monthly AWS billing

About Amazon Web Services (AWS):

As one of the leading cloud computing platforms, Amazon Web Services provides a cloud ecosystem involving database, computing, storage, content delivery, and networking to individuals as well as large organizations.

About Infiflex:

Infiflex is a cloud solution organization providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to companies that are looking for business transformation and moving towards digitalization. Infiflex has a team of certified professionals who will assist you every step of the way, from evaluating your current needs to helping actualize your long term goals through cloud solutions.

Terms & Conditions

Merchant Terms:

  1. Invoices will be generated on the 5th of every month, which shall be cleared immediately by Visa cardholder.
  2. Infiflex will provide billing support free of charge, other support services will be chargeable.
  3. Offer is valid for Self Served Customers. For Managed Services, client has to pay for the services.
  4. Deployment & Solutioning Services will be chargeable additionally.
  5. Visa Commercial Cardholder's details to be taken at the time of onboarding for charges as a security deposit.
  6. Infiflex will not be held responsible financially or otherwise for any security compromise of the customer project.
  7. *NOTE: Invoice will be generated by Infiflex on the Visa Cardholder. The data contained in the Technical and Commercial Offering shall not be disclosed, duplicated, used in whole or in part for any purpose other than to evaluate the Commercial Offering.
  8. Consumption may vary based on USD conversion rate, resource modification & OEM Price variation. If any reservation/commitment is put for any of the services, the client is entitled to pay for the entire reservation/commitment period. If it is required to be dissolved in between, and a penalty will be charged.

Visa Terms:

  1. Offer details as shown are based on information provided by the Merchant.
  2. No warranties are made by Visa that the information is correct. Please check directly with Merchant to confirm availability and validity of the Offer.
  3. The Merchant is the sole provider of all goods and/or services under this offer. Accordingly,the Visa Cardholder understands,acknowledges and agrees that the procurement by him/her of any goods and/or services under this Offer shall constitute a contract solely between the merchant and him/her,and Visa is not,nor will become,a party thereto.
    1. By utilizing or attempting to utilize any of the goods and services under this Offer,the Visa Cardholder understands,acknowledges and agrees that: Any claim,complaint or dispute of any nature arising out of or in relation to the procurement,or attempted procurement by the cardholder of any goods and/or services under this offer (each a Claim) shall be settled by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Merchant,and Visa Cardholder shall not make any Claim against Visa.
    2. Without prejudice to the foregoing,and to the fullest extent permitted by law,Visa shall not be liable to any person for any loss,damage,expenses or claim (whether direct or indirect) in relation to any personal injury,death,false representation,damage or omission arising from or in connection with the usage or attempted usage of the Offer or goods and/or services provided under the Offer.