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Tap to pay with Visa and win prizes up to RM250,000

Tap to pay with Visa and win prizes up to RM250,000.

Earn 1 contest entry for every RM100 spent via Visa Contactless payment.

Now till 31 May 2021
Terms & Conditions

Merchant Terms:

  1. The “RAIKAN Dengan Visa TAP & WIN CONTEST” (“Contest”) is organised by AEON CO. (M) BHD. (“AEON”), AEON BIG (M) SDN. BHD. (“AEON BiG”) and Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited (“VISA”). (Collectively referred to as the “Organisers”). This Contest is open to all Malaysians aged 18 and above (“Participant(s)”).
    This Contest shall commence from 15 March 2021 to 31 May 2021 (“Contest Period”). Entries received outside the Contest Period shall be automatically disqualified.
  2. To participate in this Contest, the Participant(s) earns 1 contest entry for every RM100 spent with any Visa cards via contactless payment i.e. Visa card is being tap (no insert) at card reader screen, at any tenant shops (including AEON General Merchandise Stores, AEON Supermarket, AEON BiG Hypermarkets, Maxvalu Prime or AEON Wellness) in AEON Mall or AEON BiG during the Contest Period.
  3. Any transaction made with Visa cards, BUT inserted or dipped to a card reader/terminal for payment shall be excluded from eligibility.
  4. Each use of the payment method below will entitle the Participant(s) to one entry as depicted in the Table Below:

    Submission Shop Type Payment Method
    1x Entry AEON General Merchandising
    AEON Supermarket
    AEON Wellness
    AEON BiG Hypermarkets or
    Any Tenant Shops in AEON Mall or AEON BiG
    Any Visa cards via contactless payment
  5. The eligible Participant(s) must submit their receipt of purchase (RM100 and above in a single receipt) and fill in the details required (i.e. the receipt number and total purchase amount) via MyAEON App.
  6. Each submission via MyAEON App with the receipt of purchase (RM100 and above in a single receipt) with Visa contactless payment will be counted as one entry.
  7. There is no limitation on the number of participations during the Contest Period, however, each Participant is entitled to win one (1) prize only.
  8. All entries shall be submitted before 10 p.m., 31 May 2021. Any late submission thereafter shall automatically be disqualified and any appeals shall not be entertained.
  9. Each submission shall be subject to the verification of the Organisers. In the event the submission’s information is false or inaccurate, without contain the information of proof of purchase or does not meet the minimum spent amount, the submission of the Participant will be disqualified.
  10. The Organisers reserves the right to reject any entries or submissions which are incomplete, illegible, disfigured, submitted beyond the deadline or such other reasons as the Organisers deems fit.
  11. The prizes of the Contest are listed as follows:

    Prizes Winners Value Total Value
    Grand Prize X 10 X RM3,000 X RM30,000
    First Prize X 50 X RM1,000 X RM50,000
    Second Prize X 100 X RM500 X RM50,000
    Third Prize X 200 X RM300 X RM60,000
    Special Prize X 800 X RM100 X RM80,000
    (collectively referred to as “Prizes/Prize”) only
  12. The winners will be selected through randomiser system and/or any other similar system the Organiser deem fit, either manually or computerized or in any method as the Organisers may determine at its absolute discretion.
  13. The winners of the Contest will be announced in July 2021 or other date as the Organisers deems fit in its absolute discretion.
  14. The winners will be noticed via phone or email or mail or such other communication methods deems fit by the Organisers.
  15. The Organisers will not be held liable in the event of non-receipt or delayed delivery of the postal notification to the winners.
  16. The Prizes will be credited into the winners’ AEON e-Wallet Account. For winner who does not have AEON e-Wallet Account, the winners will have to apply for the AEON MEMBER Plus Card for the Prizes to be credited in the winners’ AEON MEMBER Plus Card.
  17. All winners shall claim their Prizes within the period determined by the Organisers upon the announcement of the winner list. Should the winners fail to claim the Prizes within the time allocated, AEON reserves the right to forfeit the Prizes or award the Prizes to another participant or winner.
  18. In the event of a disqualification after the Prizes have been awarded, the Organisers reserves the right to demand for the return of the Prizes or payment of its equivalent value from the disqualified Participant.
  19. Winners must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the sponsors or third parties arranging and/or providing for all the Prizes and the Terms and Conditions attached to all the Prizes, if any.
  20. The Organisers reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to substitute any of the prizes with that of similar value without any prior notice.
  21. The Prizes are non-transferable, non-returnable and not exchangeable for cash, credit, voucher and such other items in part or in full value.
  22. The decision of the Organisers in all matters relating to this Contest shall be final and binding. No correspondences, queries or appeals in respect of any decision of AEON will be entertained.
  23. The Organisers reserves the right to omit, add or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. Any new or amended Terms and Conditions will supersede the existing Terms and Conditions with immediate effect.
  24. By participating in this Contest, Participant(s) agrees to be bound by the Contest Terms and Conditions, the decisions of the Organisers, and all Terms and Conditions imposed by any sponsors governing the use of the Prizes.
  25. By entering the Contest, the Participant consents to the use of his/her name and photograph by the Organisers for advertising and publicity purposes.
  26. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any terms hereunder shall not affect or impair the continuation in force of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions of this Contest.



In compliance with the laws of Malaysia, the Participant(s) hereby consent and authorise the Organisers to collect, process, to safe keep the required details and to disclose the Participant(s)’ personal details to the related parties involved in organising this “Raikan Dengan Visa Tap & Win Contest”. Any withdrawal of the Participant(s)’ consent given shall be made in writing and received by the Organisers before the expiry of the Contest Period and in such event, the Participant(s) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from this Contest.


Selaras dengan undang-undang Malaysia, para peserta peraduan kini bersetuju dan membenarkan penganjur-penganjur untuk mengumpul, memproses, menyimpan maklumat-maklumat yang diperlukan dan mengemukakan maklumat peribadi peserta peraduan kepada pihak-pihak lain yang turut terlibat dalam penganjuran peraduan “Raikan Dengan Visa Tap & Win Contest” ini. Sebarang penarikan balik persetujuan yang diberikan, peserta peraduan hendaklah menulis kepada penganjur-penganjur sebelum penamatan Tempoh peraduan ini dan dalam keadaan yang sedemikian, peserta peraduan adalah dianggap telah menarik diri daripada menyertai peraduan ini.

Visa Terms: